Hosted by Dr. Maggie Wray

June 14 – 25, 2017

Join us to discover what you can do NOW to help set your teen up for a lifetime of success!

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Why are increasing numbers of teens feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, and anxious?

Why do so many students struggling to manage their time, stay focused, and avoid procrastination?

Why are some teens getting into top colleges, while others with the same GPA are being rejected?

Why are some teens thriving in college, while others are dropping out and moving back home?

More importantly…
How can you set YOUR teen up for success?

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What can you do NOW to help your teen develop the skills they will need to thrive…in high school, college, and their career?

To pursue their dreams with confidence?

To handle life’s ups and downs without giving up?

To become truly unstoppable?

As a parent, it can feel like everything you say to your teen is going in one ear and out the other.

But the truth is, you still have the power to make a tremendous difference in your teen’s life.

Every. Single. Day.

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That’s why we created this event.

To provide parents of teens with powerful, practical strategies you can put into practice immediately, to…

  • Help your teen copy with stress & anxiety
  • Improve your teen’s focus & motivation
  • Maximize your teen’s GPA
  • Discover your teen’s unique strengths and talents
  • Identify colleges that are a great fit for your family
  • Help your teen stand out in the admissions process
  • Prepare your teen to thrive in college, and their career
  • …and much, much more!
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Meet the Experts

Dr. Maggie Wray

How to help your teen earn better grades with less stress!


Julie Gross

Empowering your teen to stand out in the college admissions process

Dr. Jed Applerouth

Taming the Tiger of Test Anxiety: Helping teens score their best on the SAT & ACT

Jill Tipograph

Meaningful Teen Summers: What Matters Most to & for College

Alan Brown

How to power up your teen’s brain for better focus & attention

Tova Garr

Alone Together: Helping teens succeed in a social media world

Dr. Victoria Dunckley

Connected Kids: The effect of screen time on teens’ brains

Ryan Porter

Helping teens create a successful future – with (or without) college

Armando Garza

Finding careers that will be a great fit for your teen

Impact ADHD

Supporting vs. Enabling Kids of All Ages

Kim Lifton

How to help teens write a GREAT college essay…without doing it for them!

Carolynn Crabtree

How students’ online reputations affect college admissions

Laurie Dupar

How to NOT Have a Starving, Late, Smelly College Student!

Tess Langan

Taking a gap year: How to know if it’s a good fit for your teen

Julie Smith

The power of asking: How to truly connect with your teen or tween

Marydee Sklar

Executive functioning success: Helping teens with time management

Kristine Tye

Solutions for teen perfectionism & procrastination

Sheryl Kline

How mental toughness can help your teen go from good to great!

Brock Jolly

Little-known Secrets of Paying for College

Lisa Strasman

Recruiting 101: How to get recruited for college sports

Deanne Barrett

Bouncing back: How to raise resilient teens

Leslie Josel

Order out of Chaos: Organizing Strategies for Student Success!

Neil McNerney

To help or not to help?  How involved to be in your teen’s schoolwork

David Montesano

College Match: Finding the best colleges for your teen

Dr. Ross Greene

Collaborative & proactive solutions: Helping kids when they get stuck!

Jocelyn Paonita

The scholarship system: How to win more money for college

Erica Humphrey

Your inner superhero: Raising fit, healthy, and empowered teens

Lorraine Hobbs

Helping teens develop self-compassion

Joel Feldman

Staying Safe: Helping teens avoid distracted driving

Anya Manes

Talking with Teens about Sex & Relationships

Julie Kleinhans

The power of belief: Raising teens with an abundant mindset


Colin Ryan

How to (have fun!) talking with your teen about finances

Sharon Cohen

Helping teens prepare for college & scholarship interviews

Janet Allison

Bringing out their best: How to help teen boys thrive


Debra Burdick

Finding Focus: The benefits of mindfulness for teens

Mercedes Samudio

Helping teens feel safe asking for the support they need

Jill Hope

3 keys to activate your teen’s self-confidence

Haile Thomas

Inspiring teens to make healthier nutritional choices

Dr. Kari Miller

Unleash Your Teen’s Secret Memory Capacity!

Dr. Blankson

The connection between optimism, health, and performance


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About Your Host

Dr. Maggie Wray is an ICF-certified Academic Life Coach & ADHD coach, with a Ph.D. in Neurobiology and Behavior from Cornell and a Bachelor’s degree in Astrophysics from Princeton. She started her coaching business, Creating Positive Futures LLC, to help students develop the mindset they need to thrive in school, and develop the organization, time management, and study skills they need to excel — both within and outside of the classroom.

Her private and group coaching programs provide students with research-based strategies, accountability, and encouragement to establish positive habits & beliefs that help them achieve their academic & personal goals. Visit to learn more about Maggie and her work.